Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Hair and a Baby

I am failing at blogging! I haven't had much time for myself with school and being a full time momma. Even though I have become a momma I haven't wanted to loose myself in only being a mom. I had always loved dressing "differently" by not following a certain fashion or fitting into a category and I get bored with my hair and had always dyed it. But for some reason after I had my daughter, I felt like I had to "become" a mom and seemed to forget who I was/am. And I've recently noticed how much I miss who I used to be, now don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mom but there is something about me I am clamouring to find again and with that I found blue hair. I cannot tell you why but when there is blue, an out of place blond streak among brown, or a pink medley or color in my hair I feel so much more comfortable so much more at home with myself. Weird, I know, but that brought me to this...
 And colors I've previously had it:

I could probably go on and on...I've only had it died professionally once which was:
I liked it, I've had red many time before, but it still seemed kind of bland for my taste. Anyway not that you stopped by to see pictures of me and my hair but since you did stop by I will share some cuteness of my little girl ♥ ...
Just another "scene" kid...

I pretty much always make her try everything on when we go to the store...She never seems to mind.

We finally had a nice day, with out rain!

Oh I have gotten some supplies to make a baby Leelah dress...Here's a sneak peek :)