Monday, February 28, 2011

Ramblings and Family

I have not crafted,baked or blogged in a while and am going crazing having not done so. I wanted to update, while waiting on my hair color to process, and maybe share a bit about myself, my family and just things. I have mentioned before that I have a daughter: Leelah...She has been crawling for a little over month now and is into everything! She especially likes getting out the controllers for our video games.
This past Christmas was her first Christmas. She didn't know what to think of this guy but we got her to smile anyway.

First Christmas!

A baby and her daddy. Its Show Time!
The after nap no pants dance.
Leelah likes to take long naps during the day and this is how I am greeted when I go in to get her. She finds a way to get her pants off. One way or another she gets them off. 
   And our other kids...
                                         When we got married we got our two pups, Ellie and Benny.

Fireworks! Benny&Me
Benny is very friendly and social. We can take him everywhere with us. Ellie not so much, she can be overprotective and bratty.
Lobster Dog
Little Miss Ellie
 See that face...It even looks like trouble. But come on how cute is she when shes sleeping!?
I get bored sometime and this is what happens. I don't have anything fancy on my computer like photoshop so I'm stuck using the paint program.
Party pup.
Benny's World

Back in the day my husband, then fiance, and I used to take quite a bit of pictures together...I guess that changes when you have a baby, our camera is always focused on her.
I'm pretty sure this is one of the first pictures of us as a "couple". I cannot believe how much can change in just 6years. We met in 2005.
This has always been one of my favorites!
                                             I'm not sure why I just couldn't help but make a face.
This was right after he proposed, he was still holding the ring box. He played a song for me and everything, I was bummed he didn't think to have someone tape it for us, we did get this though.
I'll bore you with only a couple more...I got sidetracked looking through our wedding pictures. You know I originally wanted to elope to Maine, why Maine you may ask. Honestly I don't know, maybe its because I've never been there or the thought of eating actual fresh caught fish or lobster makes me happy for some reason. I did not however want a big wedding. I bet you'll never guess what I ended up doing. Miah talked me into a big wedding which was all fine and good except I felt awkward the entire day, I don't like having much attention on me and to have a wedding with 150+ people my nerves were on edge. But looking back through our wedding pictures I think I am glad we had all our friends and family. Not to mention all the presents!

                  We did not plan those pictures...I guess we're more alike than I'd like to admit. :)
                                And our most recent family picture(which isn't that recent).

December 2010
I've always been told how fast time goes by. I remember being in high school just waiting to "grow up" and now, not that I would chance anything, would love to go back and do it all again. To experience everything all over again and actually enjoy it not wishing it would go by faster. Knowing and realizing how fast time does go by I try to embrace everything I can out of every moment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Painted Canvas

I did it again... I stepped out and tried something new! My husband knows how much I love art and crafting, as Christmas presents last year (this past Christmas) I received some new paints, brushes and canvas. I finally decided to pull out the art box and see what I could do. God did not gift me with drawing or painting abilities but I like to do it and I did. A friend of mine has seen some of my "projects" and said she would like to see something owl related. I, loving owls, decided to take her up on the challenge. (She just moved into her own apartment so this will also be an apartment warming gift.) Now keep in mind I am not an artist I just pretend to be :)
The Sketch
I sketched it out hoping I would be able to cover all the pencil with the paint. So far so good, you can at least tell what I was going for.
During Painting Process
I wasn't too sure what brushes to use and what kind of brush strokes to use, it reminded me of being a kid and doing the paint by numbers. I loved those things, as long as you stayed in the lines you were good to go!
Finished Painting
I'm not sure what compelled me to paint the owl green and brown, hes/shes looking kinda moldy. Haha But at least I made up for it with the little fellows hanging out in the tree. Hey, I tried. I finished it last week and have yet to send it. My friend lives a couple states away, so I'll never know if she decides to keep the moldy owl hidden...Also while I had my paints out I decided this little guy needed a make over, Pronto!
Thrift Store find $0.69
Have any of you heard of Gnomeo and Juliet? I haven't seen it but would actually really, really like to. It looks so cute...So I'm not sure, yet, if I painted a Capulet or a Montague...
From drab to fab with just a new coat...of paint.

I went with the red hat...And how cute, after Halloween last year when all the Halloween costumes were 75% off I bought my daughter her costume for this year. Can you guess what it is??...I'll give you a hint: it starts with a G and ends with a nome...This cute little number below, only 8 more moths to go :)
I had already planned on making her a gnome costume but for less than $5- I figured why not!? Cute I know.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baking Rainbows

 I am not much of a baker but when I saw these:
at The Dainty Squid I knew I had to make them!
(I just love that girl) They were very simple to make and fun to eat. I took some pictures of the process to share. Please do excuse the quality of the pictures, my camera went MIA and now I am left with only the camera on my phone. 
First, of course, you start with the batter. I just went with the plain white cake mix from Kroger as well as the food coloring. I did choose the neon colors, which were fun.
Step one simple enough, just follow the directions on the box.
Portion out the batter into separate containers and per container add food coloring.
Mix the color well, you can always add more color to get the desired brightness/color.
Isn't this already looking so awesome!
Layer the different colored batter.
Keep it up your almost there. How fun does that look.
Put them in the oven, follow the directions, and wait for the party in your mouth!
Okay I know a lot of pictures, I have only three more...
Fresh out of the oven :)
Awesomeness in a multicolored cupcake!

And finally...
Enjoy the awesomely amazing rainbow cupcake(s).
I couldn't stop at just one :)
And thanks again to Kaylah <--This also shows her step by step tutorial.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White Elephant Gift: Coasters

Early January my family had a white elephant gift exchange. I decided to make coasters, I didn't think to take step by step photos but I have one before and a few after shots of the gift. Such a super easy and fast project/gift idea, I'm hoping to make more in the near future!
Ceramic Tile: 1 before pic           

 Items used:
1.Ceramic tile
2.Scrapbook paper
3.Mod Podge
4.Quark board
5.Sponge brush
6.Hot glue (didn't work the greatest-had to work fast before it cooled down) Would recommend another adhesive
7.Ribbon to top it off

I also got an Aladdin brand travel mug to go with the coasters and added matching scrapbook paper...Made for a nice little handmade gift.

Completed combo gift set!